Burger Sneakers

What is better than a burger? A sneaker based off of a burger! They even have a burger on the tongue. Saucony teamed up with END Clothing on this Saucony Shadow 5000 model. They come in a custom box resembling traditional burger packaging as well. These will release Saturday, May 3rd, 2014.  HypeBeastBurger_1

Wes Lang

I came across this video and it blew my mind away. I feel like it was a very personal message to me and it was meant for me to view. He talks about creating beautiful things and sooner or later we are all going to die. He speaks the truth and I always say the same thing to friends of mine or people who ask me what I want to do. After seeing this, I’m really going to make an effort to view his gallery.


-Mr. W

Spring ’14 Lookbook

Raw Wonders has hoodies that come in two color ways, Maroon and Navy.  These are the first Raw Wonders hoodies to ever be made and they won’t ever be made in these color ways again. A group of us took a trip down to Santa Monica while it was raining and busted a few missions as well. I had VZMAESTRO shoot this LookBook for the hoodies and I had 9THCAP come and document everything in a video. The person in front of the camera goes by the name JET, also known as “JetMade”.  These hoodies drop tomorrow morning online at 8:00 am for $40.00.

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Spring Drop #1

People have been asking for it, so we went all out on hoodies. We just had the Photo Shoot this past weekend with the amazing VZMAESTRO. LookBook will be up on Wednesday and the release will  be this Thursday Morning at 8am. We have half of the hoodies we ordered already done. If your size sells out this Thursday, the other half should be ready to ship out the next week. We will update you through Instagram and our Facebook page! Don’t miss out!